Count per Supercell

This plugin counts the total number of macro particles of a species for each super cell and stores the result in an hdf5 file. Only in case of constant particle weighting, where each macro particle describes the same number of real particles, conclusions on the plasma density can be drawn.

External Dependencies

The plugin is available as soon as the libSplash and HDF5 libraries are compiled in.

.cfg files

By specifying the periodicity of the output using the command line argument --e_macroParticlesPerSuperCell.period (here for an electron species e) with picongpu the plugin is enabled. Setting --e_macroParticlesPerSuperCell.period 100 adds the number of all electron macro particles to the file e_macroParticlesCount.dat for every 100th time step of the simulation.


an extra permanent allocation of size_t for each local supercell.




The output is stored as hdf5 file in a separate directory.