Clang Tools

Section author: Axel Huebl

We are currently integrating support for Clang Tools [ClangTools] such as clang-tidy and clang-format. Clang Tools are fantastic for static source code analysis, e.g. to find defects, automate style formatting or modernize code.


At least LLVM/Clang 3.9 or newer is required. On Debian/Ubuntu, install them via:

sudo apt-get install clang-tidy-3.9


Currently, those tools work only with CPU backends of PIConGPU. For example, enable the OpenMP backend via:

# in an example
mkdir .build
cd build

pic-configure -c"-DALPAKA_ACC_CPU_B_OMP2_T_SEQ_ENABLE=ON" ..

We try to auto-detect clang-tidy. If that fails, you can set a manual hint to an adequate version via -DCLANG_TIDY_BIN in CMake:

pic-configure -c"-DALPAKA_ACC_CPU_B_OMP2_T_SEQ_ENABLE=ON -DCLANG_TIDY_BIN=$(which clang-tidy-3.9)" ..

If a proper version of clang-tidy is found, we add a new clang-tidy build target:

# enable verbose output to see all warnings and errors
make VERBOSE=true clang-tidy

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