Coding Guide Lines

Section author: Axel Huebl

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Our coding guide lines are documented in this repository.

Source Style

For contributions, an ideal patch blends in the existing coding style around it without being noticed as an addition when applied. Nevertheless, please make sure new files follow the styles linked above as strict as possible from the beginning.

clang-format-11 should be used to format the code. There are different ways to format the code.

Format All Files

To format all files in your working copy, you can run this command in bash from the root folder of PIConGPU:

find include/ share/picongpu/ share/pmacc -iname "*.def" \
  -o -iname "*.h" -o -iname "*.cpp" -o -iname "*.cu" \
  -o -iname "*.hpp" -o -iname "*.tpp" -o -iname "*.kernel" \
  -o -iname "*.loader" -o -iname "*.param" -o -iname "*.unitless" \
  | xargs clang-format-11 -i

Format Changes Using Git

Instead of using the bash command above you can use Git together with ClangFormat to format your patched code only. Before applying this command, you must extend your local git configuration once with all file endings used in PIConGPU:

git config --local clangFormat.extensions def,h,cpp,cu,hpp,tpp,kernel,loader,param,unitless


The binary for ClangFormat is on some operating systems called clang-format. If so please check that clang-format –version returns version 11.X.X.

For only formatting lines you added using git add, call git clang-format-11 before you create a commit. Please be aware that un-staged changes will not be formatted. Formatting all changes of the previous commit can be achieved by executing the command git clang-format-11 HEAD~1.

License Header

Please add the according license header snippet to your new files:

  • for PIConGPU (GPLv3+): src/tools/bin/addLicense <FileName>

  • for libraries (LGPLv3+ & GPLv3+): export PROJECT_NAME=PMacc && src/tools/bin/addLicense <FileName>

  • delete other headers: src/tools/bin/deleteHeadComment <FileName>

  • add license to all .hpp files within a directory (recursive): export PROJECT_NAME=PIConGPU && src/tools/bin/findAndDo <PATH> "*.hpp" src/tools/bin/addLicense

  • the default project name is PIConGPU (case sensitive!) and add the GPLv3+ only

Files in the directory thirdParty/ are only imported from remote repositories. If you want to improve them, submit your pull requests there and open an issue for our maintainers to update to a new version of the according software.