Resource Log

Writes resource information such as rank, position, current simulation step, particle count, and cell count as json or xml formatted string to output streams (file, stdout, stderr).

.cfg file

Run the plugin for each nth time step: --resourceLog.period n

The following table will describes the settings for the plugin:

Command line option


Selects properties to write [rank, position, currentStep, particleCount, cellCount]


Selects output format [json, jsonpp, xml, xmlpp]

Selects output stream [file, stdout, stderr]


Selects the prefix for the file stream name

Memory Complexity


no extra allocation.



Output / Example

Using the options

--resourceLog.period 1 \ stdout \ rank position currentStep particleCount cellCount \
--resourceLog.format jsonpp

will write resource objects to stdout such as:

[1,1]<stdout>:    "resourceLog": {
[1,1]<stdout>:        "rank": "1",
[1,1]<stdout>:        "position": {
[1,1]<stdout>:            "x": "0",
[1,1]<stdout>:            "y": "1",
[1,1]<stdout>:            "z": "0"
[1,1]<stdout>:        },
[1,1]<stdout>:        "currentStep": "357",
[1,1]<stdout>:        "cellCount": "1048576",
[1,1]<stdout>:        "particleCount": "2180978"
[1,1]<stdout>:    }

For each format there exists always a non pretty print version to simplify further processing: