Plugin name short description
ADIOS [2] stores simulation data as ADIOS files
energy histogram energy histograms for electrons and ions
charge conservation maximum difference between electron charge density and div E
count particles count total number of macro particles
count per supercell [3] count macro particles per supercell
energy fields electromagnetic field energy per time step
energy particles kinetic and total energies summed over all electrons and/or ions
HDF5 [2] stores simulation data as libSplash-flavoured HDF5 files
ISAAC interactive 3D live visualization
intensity [1] [5] maximum and integrated electric field along the y-direction
particle calorimeter [3] [4] spatially resolved, particle energy detector in infinite distance
particle merger macro particle merging
phase space [3] calculate 2D phase space
PNG pictures of 2D slices
positions particles [1] [5] save trajectory, momentum, ... of a single particle
radiation [3] compute emitted electromagnetic spectra
resource log monitor used hardware resources & memory
slice field printer [5] print out a slice of the electric and/or magnetic and/or current field
sum currents compute the total current summed over all cells


[1](1, 2) Restart: Plugins with that flag overwrite their output of previous runs. Save the created files of these plugins before restarting in the same directory.
[2](1, 2) Either ADIOS or HDF5 is required for simulation restarts. If both are available, writing checkpoints with ADIOS is automatically preferred by the simulation.
[3](1, 2, 3, 4) Requires HDF5 for output.
[4]Can remember particles that left the box at a certain time step.
[5](1, 2, 3) Deprecated